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Happy clients

Pamela G.

When I began working with Lolita I was really overwhelmed with the amount of information I had been trying to process to get my Wholesaling business up and going. With her guidance, I was able to put focus on the most important and useful tools as she really does give you “the keys to the kingdom”. She is very open and honest about the ways to make money in this business and doesn’t sugar coat things.

Sandee S.

Lo’s Master class definitely took my business to the next level! She filled in the gaps of knowledge I had by sharing simple strategies that made taking action easy. Lolita’s vast experience and relatable teaching style definitely helped to shorten the learning curve of becoming a real estate wholesaler. I will always be grateful for Lo and her unselfish willingness to share her knowledge of this business.

Johnny M.

During Lolita’s TAW LIVE event, I took away alot of valuable information. Before I had spent thousands of dollars on other trainings and courses but I walked away from Lo’s event more knowledge, confident and ready to take action. I even had an “ahhh haaa” moment during the event. As a result within a few months after attending her event I closed over 20 deals!


Marquel R.

I found Lo’s coaching program to be very informative, influential and gave me the knowledge to be a successful wholesaler. I got major results including my first contract and learned how to take action. I would definitely recommend Lo’s coaching program to anyone looking to make an investment in real estate.


  • Prior to working with Lolita, I was scared and nervous about going into business with my brother but with her encouragement and advice we have been able to make over 6 figures in less than 4 months!

    Anthony S., CEO, Silbro Enterpirses, LLC
  • I had the privilege of sitting with Lo on a Girl Talk Panel. She completely captured the audience with her energy, conviction and undeniable truth. She presented in a manner that was humorous and entertaining, while still getting an empowering message across to the entire audience. I know first hand that's not easy to achieve, but she did it with style and grace. Most of all, the connection with her passion was amazing. A passion for speaking, a passion for mentoring and above everything else, a passion for life. Lo would be a huge asset to any group who is looking for an amazing, results driven, one-of-a-kind speaker. Her ability to connect to a variety of personalities and ages is a true gift.